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Family Eye Care
As a full service ophthalmology practice, we see patients for a broad range of eye care needs, from routine eye examinations to contact lens fittings to management of disorders like dry eyes, cataracts and macular degeneration.
Patients trust our knowledge and expertise and appreciate our devotion to excellent care. We work with every patient individually to assess their unique needs and find a treatment solution that is best for their lifestyle and goals.
Regular Eye Examinations
Eye examinations are important for everyone — not simply those that experience blurry vision or other vision problems. Certain eye diseases and disorders can be asymptomatic, meaning the only way to detect them is through a professional eye examination. We recommend regular eye exams every one to two years, starting as early as six months old and continuing until the age of 61. Seniors over the age of 61 are encouraged to have annual eye exams.
An eye examination usually includes a:
  • review of the patient’s health history (including history of any eye disease or surgery)
  • visual acuity test to measure vision
  • cover test to look at how the eyes work together
  • test for color blindness
  • assessment of eye movements
  • slit lamp test for a magnified, three-dimensional view of the front of the eyes
  • refraction exam to determine and monitor eyeglass prescription
  • non-contact tonometry (“air-puff test”) to measure intraocular pressure
  • pupil dilation to look at the inside of the eyes
Children's Eye Exams
Eye exams in children are important to confirm vision is developing normally and to watch for any vision problems that could affect academic performance. Sometimes children are not able to communicate that their vision is faltering, so it is important to be proactive about vision exams. Children that experience fatigue or inattention with reading or academic performance, complain of headaches, constantly rub their eyes or squint may have a vision problem, so it is best to take them to an eye doctor to get them checked out. Vision screenings performed at school or when obtaining a driver’s license are not an appropriate substitute for a thorough eye exam with an eye doctor.
Contact Lens Fitting
Contact lenses require a special fitting and prescription to ensure they are comfortable and work properly. Our eye doctors can fit you for the best possible contact lens for your vision needs, goals and lifestyle.
If you or a member of your family wears contact lenses, you should be monitored periodically to ensure your prescription is kept up-to-date. Wearing the wrong prescription or an ill-fitting lens can have serious consequences.
Emergency Eye Care
Our eye doctors understand that an emergency can happen at any time, including after office hours or on the weekend. We are available for round-the-clock emergency eye care; we will make ourselves available if you or a member of your family sustains an eye injury or develops a worrying symptom (e.g., sudden loss of vision, floaters or flashes).
Schedule an Appointment
Our practice is committed to the ocular health and general wellness of our patients. If you are experiencing an irritating symptom or visual distortion, or if you simply need to schedule your annual eye exam, please give us a call today to make your appointment.



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